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The Faux Meister Brush Cleaner and Conditioner - 8.8 oz

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Product Description

A superb pure plant soap for cleaning and maintaining the head of all your fine brushes.  The Faux Meister Brush Soap will clean and preserve by returning essential oils to the hair and bristle of brushes.  May be used with natural or synthetic fiber brushes whether using acrylic, water, oil or lacquer paints.

In the Middle Ages, artists would clean and treat their brushes after use with Nut - or Cherry-pit Oil.  Today we have available an excellent re-creation of such fine 'All Natural" product in Karl's Original Faux Meister Brush Soap and Conditioner.

After proper cleaning the natural fat from Curd Soap; the brush should be returned to its original shape and left to dry completely.  Curd Soap is in fact the Hair Conditioner of a brush.  After proper cleaning a brush used in any media will benefit from this treatment.  The scales will again close on to the medulla, hair or bristle will return to its original spring.  The brush again is perfect.  

Brushes that have not been cleaned properly will lose their interlocking quality after short use., i.e. the hair will stand apart.  Moreover, the hair and bristle may break at the edge of the ferrule.  

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