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Reducing Glass - Let's you see Your Artwork at a distance!

  • Reducing Lense let's you step back from your painting to get an overall look from a distance.

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Product Description


Reducing Glass

Allows you to instantly step back from your artwork

and see the whole painting without moving!



 Watch the Video Demonstration below

by artist Sue Pruett showing how the Reducing Lens works.



Description: Reducing Glass 2" Diameter, 3 x Reduction, Optically Ground Glass Lens.

This reducing glass is an excellent tool that allows you to step back from your work. This is accomplished because of its concave lense. It's like looking at the painting from a distance.

  • No more tripping over the chair,
  • No more stretching your neck or trying to hold the work at arm's distance.
  • Just grab your reducing glass and voila! You can see the whole painting at a glance.
  • Not only this, but it will help you evaluate your values, colors and intensities, looking to see if any are jumping out at you or fading away.
  • This is a very valuable tool for your tool kit! Observe the whole painting as seen through the reducing glass lens in the graphic above. Their primary function is improving your field of vision. It reduces the image size of objects being viewed.

We think every artist ought to have one of these!! We all do! We give this product 20 stars!!

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