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Online Class - How to Use Value For Dramatic Light In A Composition - Mexican Sunset - Acrylic

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         Online Painting Class 



What Is Value In Painting?

Discover the hidden secrets to creating a

path of light in your paintings!


Introduction to using Value in Painting

The Mexican Sunset Landscape Study is - Training the new artist to 'see' and use values relative to composition.

In regards to composition and creating original paintings, this online painting class is dedicated to the study of light versus shadow. In this artistically important class, students learn about value and light and how it can be used as a pathway of light to create movement through a painting.

Students gain a better understanding for the concepts of Notan and Contrast, as well as explore the role they play to create drama and movement in a painting. 

The instructors have developed a step by step process for separating values to show the effects of light on a subject and how the viewer's eye is moved through the composition using light.

How is the class presented?

  • Step by step video lessons
  • Written text lessons
  • Step photographs
  • Unlimited Instructor feedback and critiques
  • Classroom forums
  • Unlimited access to the classroom 24/7
  • Unlinited access to the class materials - your class does not expire.

Lesson Outcome

  • Learn how to use value to create a path of light in a painting
  • Learn how color glazes create depth and dimension
  • Learn about layering transparent color for dynamic optical effects
  • This class is presented with several well written and detailed text lessons, excellent video tutorials, a wide variety of painting exercises, value scales and color charts to enhance the whole learning experience.
  • This class will change the way you look at light.
  • Complete one painting - 'The Mexican Sunset' painting by  Artist Linda D. Wise.

If you are really serious about learning to paint and you want to know why you should understand Value...Then this value study might be one of the most important art classes you'll ever take.


Here is why...

  • Find out how a better understanding of light and tonal contrast will have a huge impact on your paintings!
  • Discover why your paintings lack drama, pizzazz and the 'WOW' factor!
  • Learn why your paintings might be looking flat and dull.
  • It's because you're not effectively using 'value' in your work!

Are You Ready To Push Your Painting Skills To The Next Level?

Artist and teacher Sharon Hamilton will help you understand the value scale as you learn to see the differences between incriments of light and dark. As artists we can never know too much about the concepts of light and value.




Product Videos

How to Paint with Acrylics - Value and Notan in Painting - Online Art Class (01:31)
http://store.artapprenticeonline.com/acrylic-online-art-class-what-is-value-in-painting-relative-to-composition-mexican-sunset-study/Online Art Class: Introduction to Value and Notan in acrylic Painting is an excellent online art class for the serious artist. Learn to create an accurate value scale.This short clip is an overview of the class content. This class places the focus on light and the effect it has on creating contrast. Students also complete an acrylic painting, Mexican Sunset By Artist Linda Wise. All the concepts of Notan and contrast are applied to the painting. This is an indepth study and will benefit any artist just starting out.To register for this online class please visit our online store at:http://store.artapprenticeonline.com/acrylic-online-art-class-what-is-value-in-painting-relative-to-composition-mexican-sunset-study/
  • How to Paint w...
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Product Reviews

  1. This was a real eye opener for me!

    Posted by NA - USA on 18th Sep 2012

    Excellent class. This will change the way I think about the path of light.

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