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Mabel Blanco

Seagulls in the Wind by Mabel Blanco
    In this painting lesson of two distinctly beautiful Seagulls in flight, Mabel Blanco teaches wet into wet blending using a limited palette.  10 pages include Step by step photos and explanations, line drawing and large...

  • Downloadable E-painting pattern - Magnolias in The Morning Sky - by Artist Mabel Blanco
    Downloadable E-painting pattern Media - Acrylic Magnolias in The Morning Sky - by Artist Mabel Blanco The large glossy foliage and beautiful blooms of the Magnolias are a delightful touch of elegance and a...

  • Pink Peonias with beautiful lacy petals by Artist Mabel Blanco
English version
    Beautiful full bloom Peonies painted with Acrylic Paints.  This downloadable pattern packet features full size reference photo, line drawing and 10 step photos to guide you through the painting process...

  • E-Magazine - Art Apprentice Online E-Magazine for Artists - 1011 - Issue #11
            Online Video Magazine - Issue #11            ...teaching you how to...

  • E-Book - Basic Introduction to Painting Fur,Eyes and Feathers by Mabel Blanco (includes three lessons)
    E-Book  Painting animals and Birds - Basic introduction to painting fur, eyes and feathers with Mabel Blanco: In this instructional e-booklet, Mabel introduces the new painter to some of her basic techniques for...


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