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Acrylic Books and Patterns

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Acrylic Books and Patterns are Here to Help Learning

Many artists who are just starting out with painting find themselves searching for acrylic books and patterns. They usually find they need help with learning a variety of painting techniques and styles. Most will turn to the internet, but knowing what to focus on can be overwhelming and confusing. We can help you.

Acrylic Painting Pattern with HD Videos  

For Example: This design featured above is of a Plumeria Flower Grouping, painted with acrylic and presented as a Downloadable Painting Pattern complete with written instructions and line drawing...But it also includes many video clips showing the artist Sue Pruett painting different sections of the design. If learning how to paint Plumeria Flowers is on your `to do`list...then select this painting pattern to help you learn how. Its as simple as that.

As a veteran teacher of painting, the best advice I can give is to focus on techniques that can be used with a variety of painting styles and methods. Start with learning the basics…Then the sky is the limit when it comes to style. 

Knowing how to manage color, use brush technique and brush control are some of the most fundamental, yet important concepts to learn. It’s often not enough to simply load paint onto canvas. Just like we take a skiing lesson or a sewing lesson to learn the basics, we need some guidelines to help us on our way with painting.

Once the basics have been mastered, we can branch out and try new subjects, more complex compositions and new mixed media projects for developing creativity. Another example is the design blow...not only can one learn how to paint grapes, but also how to paint a beautiful garden bird. Didn`t I tell you...the sky is the limit!


There is a huge range of acrylic books and painting patterns available, and many of these can be your best source of inspiration and knowledge. You`ll turn to these resources over and over again. 

At the Art Apprentice Online we have created a wide range of art educational materials to help you learn and whet your appetite for more. Written by professional artists, for students who want to learn and build a good foundation with painting…  

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  • Acrylic Painting Books and Patterns

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