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Flower Painting DVD

  • DVD - Van Huysum's Bird's Nest and Eggs - Acrylic Still life by Susan Abdella, MDA
        Acrylic Painting DVD This painting is a small corner of a very large floral painting by the Old Dutch Master Jan Van Huysum, called “A Vase of Flowers” which was painted in 1722.  But in...

  • DVD - Flemish Technique, A Flower Study of Rachael Ruysch -Acrylic -   Susan Abdella MDA
    Love to Paint Flowers? - Love the Old Masters Style & Painting Method? A Study after Rachael Ruysch is just what the Dr. Ordered!   DVD for Acrylic or Oil Painters - Intermediate Level. Don't let the size or...

  • DVD - Flowers From My Garden - Acrylic - Susan Abdella MDA
    Love to Paint Roses & Flowers? Here's a Winning Design To Paint!!   Here Susan has selected her favorite flowers in a classic arrangement on this metal tray. Susan takes you from the very beginning (prepping the...

  • DVD - Garden Birdbath and Roses - Painting Instruction DVD -  2 DVD/1 CD Set by Sue Pruett
    Acrylic DVD - Garden BIrdbath and Roses  Do you love painting roses, painting flowers or garden themes? Are you always on the hunt for flower designs for painting? You've come to the right place. Artist...

  • For Artists Who Want To Paint White Roses -- But Can't Get Started!

Sue Includes Painting Tips And Techniques that will help you Learn How To Paint White Flowers, Develop your Refined Blending Skills, 
Learn about the Placement Of Warm Accents 
and Paint Realistic Leaves and Berries!!
      Do You Love To Paint Flowers? Follow along with Sue Pruett as she demonstrates how easy it is to paint wild roses! Acrylic DVD - Winter White Roses Do you love painting pictures of flowers? Are you always on the...

  • DVD - Elegant Stroke Roses - Susan Abdella
    How to Paint Stroke Roses In Acrylics Instructional DVD DVD -Stroke Roses with Susan Abdella Stroke roses have always been popular with decorativer painters. They can be used to embellish any surface and...

  • DVD - Peaceful Journey - Value Study - Study Flower Painting - DVD with Instructor Gaby Hunter
    Acrylic DVD - Peaceful Journey Value Study Flower Painting; Learn about value and tones and creating dimension with this painting study. This DVD is excellent for the intermediate painter who wishes to understand the...


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