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DVD - "Many Battles" Wildlife - Medicine Cap Horse - by artist Glenice Moore

  • DVD - "Many Battles" Wildlife - Medicine Cap Horse - by artist Glenice Moore

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DVD - "Many Battles" Wildlife Painting - by artist Glenice Moore

This Acrylic DVD runs for 2 hours and 40 minutes and guides you through every step in painting this beautiful Medicine Cap horse. 

Comes with step by step photos, instructions, reference photo, pattern and the story of the War Horse and his markings.

Learn how to paint this beautiful Native American Horse Study.



"Many Native American tribes and families held certain horses in high regard as Spirit or Medicine horses. The designation was made for horses with unusual markings. These horses could range from appaloosas with a 'bearpaw' or ‘handprint' marking in its spotting to paints or pintos with an unusually shaped spot or spots (Medicine Hat or War Bonnet markings were highly prized) to the solid colored animal with an unusual facial marking. Many so-called Spirit or Medicine horses also had blue eyes which were often called Sky-eyes or Heaven-eyes and added to the mystique which surrounded them."


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