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Downloadable painting Pattern - Folk Art - Time of Roses Clock by Susan ownloadable Painting PatterAbdella, MDA

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Acrylic - Painting pattern - Time of Roses Clock by Susan Abdella, MDA

The main rose motif of the clock is also beautiful when enlarged and painted on a canvas or oval surface.  This painting pattern lesson is geared toward the intermeadiate artist - if more study is desired for the Stroked Rose, the DVD 'Elegant Stroked Roses' is available in the Art Apprentice Online shopping cart.


Titanium White - PG 6                       Sapphire Blue

Yellow Deep                                     Ultramarine Blue - PB 29

Hansa Yellow - PY 74                        English Red Oxide - PR 101

Dairylide Yellow - PY83                     Brown Madder - PR 175

Pine Green                                      Raw Umber - PBr - 7

Yellow Oxide - PY42                        Carbon Black - PBk 7

Raw Sienna - PBr 7                         Pine Green



Glazing Medium

Satin Varnish

Extender & Blending Medium

Faux Finish Medium


Traditions Brushes

Series TB21 - 3/8 Angular

Series TB12 - #8 Chisel Blender

Series TB17 - #1 Short Liner

Series TB21 - # 3 Round

Series TB41 - #6 Filbert

Series TB37 or TB38 Large Flat Brush (for applying Extender, Glaze, and Varnish)

Series122 - Large Mop Brush

TB101 or TB102 -Mini Mop