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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Acrylic - Luscious Berries - Downloadable Painting Pattern by instructor Sue Pruett MDA

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Downloadable Painting Pattern 

Media: Acrylic 

Luscious Berries - Painting Pattern by instructor Sue Pruett MDA

Painted using Traditions Artist Acrylics this design can be adapted to any surface or size.

INCLUDED: Detailed 10 written pages of step by step instructions, diagrams, line drawing and step photos to create these realistic raspberries. 

Learn how to use value (light and dark) and temperature (warm and cool colors) contrast to create dynamic and dramatic paintings.



Painting Supplies

DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics
Alizarin Crimson
Carbon Black
Hansa Yellow
Naphthol Red
Naphthol Red Light
Ultramarine Blue
Warm White

Traditions Mediums
DATM01 - Glazing Medium
DATM02 - Extender Medium
DATM03 - Multi Surface Sealer
DATM04 – Satin Varnish

Traditions Brushes
TB11 – 3/0 liner
TB31 – 4 flat
TB32 – 6 flat
TB33 – 8 flat
TB41 – 6 filbert

TB33 – 8 flat
TB41 – 6 filbert
TB42 – 8 filbert
TB91 – 8 dome blender
TB38 - 1” flat

Please NOTE: Should you wish to enlarge this pattern, brush sizes will also change. Larger and fewer Brushes will be required.