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DecoArt Traditions - 8oz Extender and Blending Medium - DATM02b

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Product Description


DATM02b 8oz Extender & Blending Medium


Extender & Blending medium can be used to:

-      Add to the paint to extend the open working time.

-      Excellent for wet & wet blending techniques.

-      On larger surfaces add to paint to increase flow and ease of application.

-      Mix with paint & Glazing Medium for colored glaze and staining effects.


Directions for use: This Extender is Compatible with all other Traditions Mediums. It also works well with most other brands of acrylics. May be applied in thin coats directly to the dry surface, and/or used directly on the brush, or mixed directly into the paint on the artist’s palette. Non-toxic, soap & water clean up. Non yellowing when dry. Speed dry with hair dryer. Do not use with oil based products.




If you’re an Acrylic Painter ‘DecoArt Extender and Blending Medium’ can be your Best Friend

By Neadeen Masters 

If you’re an acrylic painter, Extender is one of those mediums that can immediately become addictive! Seriously, if you enjoy working wet in wet, or enjoy achieving smooth blends for realistic acrylic painting, extender can/will become your best friend.


Speaking from forty five plus years of painting experience, I swear by this particular product and brand! I had tried every other brand of Extender on the market, until I came upon DecoArt Traditions Extender. Chemically it’s a simple formula and a very safe product to work with. But what’s so great about it? Performance. No stickiness, no tacky mess and when it’s dry, its DRY.


Water - A natural ‘solvent’ of Acrylics

When working with acrylics, I hardly ever use water, other than to completely switch colors or clean brushes. Think about this…acrylics are water based paint. We clean up with soap and water!  Therefore water is a natural ‘solvent’ of acrylics and helps remove paint from brushes. As well, water evaporates quickly and makes the working time for acrylics short. Unless your specific painting technique demands it, Extender is the better choice for painting with acrylics. It helps to extend your acrylic working time by slowing the drying process. Hence smooth blends and the ability to successfully work wet into wet.


Usually I have two small containers of Extender on my table or next to my easel. One is my ‘working’ Extender; it does get a little muddy as I dip into it, the other stays clean. If I wash my brush in water, I’ll dip into the clean extender before continuing the painting.




Another Bonus to Using Extender

Most artists use some sort of blending palette while painting. Some use pads of disposable palette paper, some use plastic, some glass. Regardless of your choice of palette, by keeping some Extender on your palette helps to keep acrylic blends open and workable. Many students will comment about my palette. They often think I am working with oils, as I continue to use my blends for hours on end. It’s the continuous use of Extender that is worked into all my paint mixes that maintains an open time.


Try It, You’ll LOVE It!

As far as cost goes, it pennies per painting session, and saves a HUGE amount of frustration. There is a short learning curve to find the perfect ratio for your level of Extender versus your local level of humidity. The more humid your local climate the less you need to use. I live in a very dry climate and couldn't paint without it. 100 stars for this amazing medium!

NOTE: Check out the many short videos showing how great this product is and how easy it is to use.



Product Videos

How To Blend with Acrylics: Refined Blending: Acrylic Painting Technique (11:41)
Join Sue Pruett from the Art Apprentice Online - as Sue shares her blending technique. This style of blending is used in painting photo realism. Sue uses DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics. Sue offers an excellent class on refined blending where she demonstrates how to blend on a variety of different shapes and surfaces to create realistic form. Look for this class in the theory section of out online classes. Visit us at : http://store.artapprenticeonline.com/categories/Online-Art-Courses/Theory-Courses/
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    Short demo how to paint a plumeria flower in Traditions acrylics
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Product Reviews

  1. The best extender ever

    Posted by kim on 19th Oct 2016

    The extender is the best I have ever used. It's not sticky or cloudy like some I have tried. I couldn't use acrylic paint without it.

  2. Makes painting easy!

    Posted by Eileen on 7th Nov 2015

    I love this product. I've learned the correct amount to apply and it makes blending and glazing very easy. Try it! You'll love it.

  3. Great Product

    Posted by Carolyn Camp on 3rd Feb 2014

    great product.
    love working with glazing.

  4. Best Extender Available

    Posted by Jan Neufelder on 9th Apr 2013

    Excellent product....much better at evenly disbursing pigment...I used Golden products in the past but they don't compare to this. I will never be without it!

  5. Necessary

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Apr 2013

    This product makes my life much easier when painting. I couldn't pull off a finished painting without it! Excellent coverage and workability with only a bit of the product at a time.

  6. Great Extender!!!

    Posted by Geri on 28th Jan 2013

    This product is soooooooooo much better than any other extender and blending medium that I have used. This one is a keeper.

  7. Deco Art Traditions--extender and blending medium

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2012

    Excellent product! Makes glazing easy!

  8. Great extender. Love the flow .

    Posted by Nancy L on 5th Oct 2012

    Love the flow it gives my paint when canvas is treated lightly with extender.

  9. Amazing! has never used any before but this works great!

    Posted by Sonya Cole on 26th Aug 2012

    I was using a gel product that I had purchased but had never used before. Did not like so I ordered the extender and what a difference!

  10. Best invention for acrylic paints EVER!

    Posted by Amber H ~ California on 8th Jul 2012

    I tell everyone about this medium and cannot imagine painting without it.


    Posted by Maria on 8th Jun 2012

    This medium is the best I've ever used. Doesn't get tacky and thick as it is drying making it much easier to use. It has made such a difference to my work, as I can blend like an oil. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone, and have told all my friends about it. IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!

  12. Excellent! Excellent!

    Posted by BJ - California on 16th Dec 2010

    This is the most superior Extender medium on the market. It does NOT get sticky or tacky as it dries. You can continue working and just pick up a little more and carry on. It is the best I have EVER used.

    It can also be added to the paint and after a few days the paint will perform like an oil paint with easy blending capability. I used to paint in oils but switched to acrylic because of health. I like to make the acrylic work like an oil paint. This extender is the trick.

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