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  • Craftech Rolling Table - The perfect painting table
    The Perfect Painting Table! Model: P-215Huntington Rolling Painting Table A Versatile mobile paint station with removable tempered glass palette, drawer, and utility shelf! The large table top with removable tempered...

    $298.00 $238.00
  • Pochade Box - PB0910
    The sienna plein air pochade boxes are designed with ease of use, durability, and versatility in mind. They are beautiful to look at and convenient to use.  The pochade box is essentially an easel and a palette in...

    $114.00 $90.00
  • Sienna 9"x 12"  Wet Panel Box
    The sienna plein air wet panel boxes   The sienna plein air wet panel boxes are the perfect way to transport your painting panels to and from the field. They are very light weight and simple to use.   Each box...

    $62.00 $46.50
  • Sienna Counterweight Easel SS-PAL
              This product weighs 100 lbs. There is a fixed shipping rate of $75.00 if the product costs less to ship you will be refunded, if it costs more you will be charged the actual cost...

  • Sienna Sketch Box - SK-2020
                      The Sienna Sketch Box is a lightweight, portable, drawing board and supply box.   It will holds all your drawing supplies as well as a...

    $48.00 $38.50
  • Soltek Easel - Portable - Lightweight - Plein Air or Studio
     NEW and in stock -  many websites require 4 months for delivery - we have them in stock now!  The Ferrari of the easel world! The Soltek easel is a good 5 pounds lighter than traditional wooden plein-aire...

  • Tripod - TRI0158
    The sienna plein air tripod is an exceptional piece of equipment. We located one of the best tripod manufacturers in the world to find the perfect tripod for plein air use. The tripod support for your pochade box is the...

    $169.00 $152.00

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