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Laminted Cards

  • You can't know what you dont know! All Things Color is a comprehensive overview of what the artist needs to know relative to Color.
    E-Book - All Things Color  Thoughts About Painting and Color by Artist Neadeen Masters All Things Color E-Book is a comprehensive overview of what the artist needs to know relative to Color...

  • Color Pigment Chart - Laminated Card For Traditions Artist Acrylics
    This Color Pigment wheel shows the Traditions Artists Acrylic Pigments as they relate to each color family on the 12 color wheel. This laminated card is a great tool to have in your studio as a guide for...

  • Laminated Cards - Stroke Roses 3 pc set
      How to Paint A Rose? Follow these step by step photographic Images & Work Sheets! Your Roses will never be the same!  This rose painting package comes with a set of three laminated worksheets, offering...

  • Laminated Pigment Wheel - Color Theory Tools For Artists
      Who Else Wants To Learn To Mix Colors Successfully?   No More Muddy Mixes!!   Success the first time around!         Laminated Pigment Wheel - Color Theory Tools For Artists:...

  • Laminated Card - Wild Roses Step-by-Step
    This laminated card will guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to paint wild roses.

  • Laminated Card - Lost & Found Edges
    Laminated Theory Card - Lost and Found Edges - This 8"x10" laminated theory card is designed to help the student understand a facet of contrast. Graphics relating to the concept of contrast and how...

  • Laminated Value Study Card
    Laminated Theory Card - What is Value? - This is another 8"x10" laminated theory card. Graphics relating to the concept of value are featured on the front with text explanations on the reverse side. A great tool for the...

  • Laminated Light Source Card
    Laminated Light Source Theory Cards are valuable teaching and study tools for the art teacher and student. Use these during class time to demonstrate to your students the effects of different directional light sources...

    $5.95 $4.00
  • Laminated Ellipse Card
    The Ellipse Card - Perspective is a tricky concept if not interpreted correctly. Ellipses are one aspect of perspective the artist needs to understand. We created a theory card explaining the concept in graphic form. Below...

    $5.95 $4.00
  • Laminated Color Mixing Card - Tools for Color Theory
      Discover the Keys to Successful Color Mixing With Just A few Steps You Can Build Your Confidence and take control of your color palette! The laminated color mixing card featured here was introduced at the...

    $6.95 $4.00
  • Laminated Water Drop Card
    Learn to paint realistic waterdrops...These are 8x10 Laminated Theory Cards - This transparent water drop card is a great reference tool or to use for a teaching and educational tool. The graphics and painted examples on...

  • Laminated card - Daisies & Buttercups
    This laminated study card includes the linedrawing, palette, step by step text instructions as well as step photos for painting these timeless spring flowers. All on the card's reverse side...


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