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Artist Palettes

  • Wax Paper Palette
    9" x 12" sheets are made of 80 gram coated stock that is suitable for use with acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouche, and tempera paint. Thumb hole allows for easy handling. Tablet contains 40 tear-off sheets.

  • Mijello Fredi Weber Peel-Able Tray
    Type a description for this product here...

  • Martin Universal Design - Mijello Symphony Watercolor Palette
    Martin Universal Design Mijello Symphony Watercolor Palette Easy to Clean, Ample Room for Mixing What's nice about this watercolor palette are the deep wells and the large mixing areas. When closed, the...

  • Mijello Airtight Palette For Watercolor Paint and Acrylic Paint
    This Mijello palette is lightweight, compact, and portable.  Excellent to store watercolor paint or acrylic paint because it has a special sealing ring that locks in moisture. There are 18 small wells and...

  • WetPaletteKeeper
    This small wet palette is excellent for storing your paints while at home or taking a painting seminar.  When closed it keeps an airtight connection and your paints stay fresh for weeks at a time. This can be used...


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